At Family Dental of Spokane Valley in Spokane Valley, WA, we know you may have questions regarding our dental services. We’ve answered some of the questions that we hear most often.

If you don’t see your question here, you can call us at 509-850-3217 and get your answers from a member of our team.

Q: Can You Replace My Missing Teeth?

Absolutely. We have several ways to replace your missing teeth. We are happy to help you decide which procedure makes the most sense for you, depending on your needs and your budget. We offer dental implants, which may be used to support a single crown or an entire arch of teeth. Our mini dental implants are a good choice if you’re not a candidate for conventional dental implants due to bone loss. We also have conventional bridges and dentures. Although “conventional” in how they work, they are far superior to the restorations of years past.

Q: When Should I Bring My Child For a First Visit?

The American Dental Association recommends that your child see the dentist for the first time after their first tooth arrives but before their first birthday. You’re welcome to bring baby in that early, but we find that waiting is ideal for many families. We want your child to be able to relax in our office. They should be able to feel safe (with you present, of course) and interact comfortably with the hygienist and doctor. Most kids are ready for this type of appointment during their preschool years. If you’re unsure, just give us a call!

Q: Q: What If I Have A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a true emergency that demands care. Common dental emergencies are a tooth that has been knocked out or broken, or you’re experiencing severe dental pain. We offer same-day dental emergency care to get you out of pain quickly and to potentially save your tooth. Call our office at 509-850-3217 immediately.

Q: Do you offer orthodontics in your office?

Yes! Family Dental of Spokane Valley offers several different orthodontics options for straightening your family’s teeth. We straighten teeth with both Invisalign and ClearCorrect, two systems that use clear plastic aligner trays instead of braces. Since they are practically invisible in your mouth, they are especially popular with adults. We also use Six Month Smiles, a system similar to traditional braces but with clear brackets and tooth-colored wires.

And we offer orthodontics exams even for your youngest family members. We find that conducting a first screening by age 7 makes it easier to identify any orthodontics issues that may need attention. Early detection leads to better outcomes.

Q: What kind of sedation do you offer for dental procedures?

Spokane Valley, WA dentist Dr. Craig Ellsworth and members of our Family Dental of Spokane Valley team are trained in a method called conscious sedation. Many people find that conscious dental sedation eases their dental anxiety better than more traditional methods of sedation.

With conscious dental sedation, most patients will remain relaxed and able to respond during their dental procedures. And after the procedure is over, patients typically feel like their usual selves more quickly than they do after undergoing other sedation methods.

Q: Do you offer extended hours?

Yes! Because we know you and your family are busy, we offer early morning appointments on most weekdays. So you can schedule your family’s appointments as early as 7 a.m. You can have your teeth examined and cleaned before work or school!

We’ll Answer Your Questions

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