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With kids back in school, it’s time to start thinking about fall and winter sports. Football and basketball are the two most obvious sports that would require an athlete to wear a mouthguard, but what about volleyball? Cross country? Tennis? Mountain biking?
The simple answer is, “Yes.”
Even low contact sports can be damaging for your teeth. Let’s talk about cross country as an example. Many people have a tendency to clench their teeth while exerting the energy it takes to run in a long race. That translates as teeth grinding, which can break or wear down your teeth. Wearing a mouthguard will allow the runner to clench their jaw without damaging anything. And you may be thinking, “But how can they breathe with that thing in their mouth?” Keep reading!

Yes, Your Child Needs an Athletic Mouthguard

Many athletes need protection because of the damage they can do to their own teeth simply by clenching their jaw while they compete. However, accidents happen much more often than you realize. We’ve seen just about everything, and it can happen in an instant.
Think about biking, for example. You’re riding along one of our beautiful trails, and you hit a turn wrong and fall. Your face hits a rock or stump on the side of the trail and knocks out a couple of teeth. In a matter of seconds, you’ve done tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your teeth and jaw. And an athletic mouthguard would have protected you.
So when you’re wondering if your child’s sport actually requires a mouthguard, we’d encourage you to think through all possibilities. In almost every case, we think it’s worth it for kids to have that extra protection.

A Mouthguard That Works WITH Your Smile

One of the biggest hang-ups for athletes is the discomfort that often comes along with store-bought mouthguards. Let’s face it; they’re uncomfortable. They’re thick, and they make it difficult for the athlete to breathe well while they are on the field or court.
We offer custom athletic mouthguards that are super thin and completely comfortable. The mouthguard is made for YOUR teeth and is designed with athletes in mind. They’ll be able to breathe and communicate with their teammates.
Don’t get caught up in the myth that an athletic mouthguard is uncomfortable. Let us give you a fully-customized option that will make your kids want to wear their smile protection!
There’s no reason to send your child into their game, match, or race without being fully protected. Call us today at 509-850-3217 or request more information through our online form. We wish your athlete well in their competitions this year, and we’ll be excited to see their safe smile whenever they visit the office.

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