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You might think that everyone in Hollywood was born with perfect teeth. However, the odds are very good that what you’re seeing in many, if not most, of those fabulous smiles is the result of dental veneers. Dr. Craig Ellsworth of Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA can give you the smile of your dreams with today’s long-lasting dental veneers.

How Dental Veneers Work

Just like a wood veneer is a very thin sheet of attractive wood that’s cemented to a surface to beautify it, dental veneers cover and beautify teeth that have stains, cracks, chips, and pitting. Veneers can also hide slight irregularities in teeth or even conceal a slightly crooked tooth or gaps between teeth.
At Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA, Dr. Ellsworth uses porcelain veneers for his patients. Porcelain is very durable and reflects light very much like dental enamel, giving your smile a completely natural appearance. Porcelain is also stain-resistant; with care, your veneers can last for 15 years or more. That makes them a very worthwhile investment in your smile.

The Veneer Process

Your path to a smile you’ll love to share begins by arranging a consultation with Dr. Ellsworth. He’ll perform a thorough examination and identify any issues that would need to be addressed before getting veneers. You and he will have an in-depth discussion about your desires for your smile. If dental veneers are the right choice for you, here’s what you can expect.

  • Dr. Ellsworth will shave a very thin amount of enamel off the teeth that will receive veneers.
  • He’ll take careful impressions of your teeth and send them to our dental laboratory.
  • Once your new veneers are ready, usually in two to four weeks, you’ll return to our Spokane Valley, WA dental office.
  • Dr. Ellsworth will trim your veneers to fit perfectly. He’ll even tint the cement used to apply them if you wish.
  • He’ll prepare your teeth to receive veneers by cleaning, polishing, and etching your teeth..
  • Dr. Ellsworth will carefully cement your veneers in place and then cure the cement using a special light.
  • Finally, he’ll make any tiny needed adjustments.

After that, he’ll share your joy when you see your beautiful new smile!

Don’t Live With A Smile You Don’t Love

Whether you need to beautify a few teeth or your entire smile, dental veneers will give you the results you want. And ignore the idea that only the vain get cosmetic dentistry. The freedom to smile broadly and often is more than just a boost to your self-esteem. Studies show that people who smile freely are viewed as more trustworthy and likeable than people who seldom smile.
Male or female, dental veneers can give you an advantage in both your professional and social lives.
Get started by arranging a consultation with Dr. Craig Ellsworth at Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA. You can reach our office by calling 509-850-3217 to schedule your consultation. You can also use our convenient online form to request an appointment or to send message.   

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