Don't Be Knocked Out by a Dental Emergency! [infographic]

TMJ Treatment img3 at Family Dental of Spokane Valley | Dr. Craig Ellsworth - Spokane Valley, WA Dentist

At the most unexpected of times, a dental emergency will happen. You can’t always prevent it, but you can be prepared. And that makes the difference between panic and keeping a cool head. Here are a few common dental emergencies and steps to take should one occur.
At Family Dental of Spokane Valley, we offer same-day treatment for your dental emergency. We open as early as 7 a.m. in the morning, and will even try to see you outside of our usual operating hours.
If you experience a dental emergency, call us right away at 509-850-3217. We also have a convenient online contact form, best saved for non-urgent appointments and questions.

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