Don’t Let Easter Food & Drink Ruin Your Smile [Blog]

There are many official holidays here in the United States, and you no longer have to be religious to celebrate some of them. That’s very true for Easter. No matter the traditions, people tend to gather with friends and family to enjoy a big Sunday meal — and all that candy!

While your family should enjoy themselves no matter how you celebrate this holiday, you need to be careful. There are a lot of Easter food and drink choices that can hurt their smiles. If not careful, this can lead to cavities, gum disease, and more.

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Protect Your Family’s Smiles

Besides regular checkups and brushing at home, here are some Easter-specific tips for protecting your family’s teeth and gums.

  1. Skip any candy that’s sticky or unnaturally colorful: All candy is bad for teeth, but it’s Easter! Your family should enjoy some! That said, it’s better to avoid candy that’s sticky. This stuff gets stuck to your teeth, which helps feed the bacteria behind cavities and gum disease. And anything brightly colored will slowly stain your teeth.
  2. Put the sweets away after enjoying a few: Again, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some dessert or Easter candy. The problem is how people often leave baskets of candy out for days, encouraging your family to eat more sugar than they normally would. After enjoying some, put the candy away where people won’t see it and get tempted to overeat.
  3. Rinse with water after eating: Anytime you eat, tiny bits of food (so small that you cannot see them) get trapped on your teeth and gums. This feeds the harmful bacteria behind dental problems. All food does this, but the high-sugar foods your family eats around Easter Sunday is their favorite food. After eating, have your family rinse with water to help wash away those particles.
  4. Consider giving toys and games in place of all that candy: Candy is synonymous with Easter, and again, there’s nothing wrong with having a sweet treat this holiday. But what about giving your kids some toys and games instead? Not only is this healthier for their teeth and bodies, it’s a great way to spend time together as a family. Isn’t that what a holiday is all about?
  5. Don’t drink too much soda, juice, or alcohol: As with candy, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a sweet drink like soda or juice over the holiday weekend. However, you must be careful. Soda and juice are both full of sugar and acid, both of which can weaken your enamel. Adults tend to enjoy beer and wine with Easter dinner, but this can damage your teeth as well. Enjoy in moderation.

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