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Welcome to the Family Dental of Spokane Valley blog. Here we will provide useful articles that will help you take good care of your family’s teeth. We’ll even have quizzes and infographics you can share with your kids to make learning about dental health as entertaining as possible!

To kick off our blog, we’ve highlighted some of the features we think sets our Spokane Valley, WA dentist office apart from other dentists. Read all about it and call us at 509-850-3217 to schedule an appointment for your family. Or you can use our convenient online form.

Family Dental of Spokane Valley: Four Great Features

Here are four features that we think you and your family will really appreciate:

  • Experienced dentist and staff. Dr. Craig Ellsworth has been a dentist for 26 years. He has experience with a wide range of dental procedures and so does his team.
  • Up-to-date dental technology. From the intraoral camera that lets you see the inside of your mouth during dental exams, to our digital X-ray machine that instantly produces clear images, to the laser that allows us to offer procedures like gum reshaping, we use the latest dental technology to treat you and your family.
  • Extended hours. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to schedule your family’s dental appointments, so we open as early as 7 a.m. on most weekdays. And our Spokane Valley, WA office is located near several schools, so your kids won’t have to miss class to get their teeth cleaned.
  • Orthodontics for everyone. We offer Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and Six Month Smiles. Because these orthodontics methods straighten your teeth without unsightly wires and metal brackets, they are popular with patients of all ages.

We hope to see you and your family soon at Family Dental of Spokane Valley! To make an appointment, call us at 509-850-3217 or use our convenient online form.

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