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A dental emergency doesn’t happen on a schedule, and often you can find yourself with a painful dental problem at the worst time. In any dental emergency, count on Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA for prompt, same-day emergency care. Call our office at 509-850-3217 for a same-day appointment.

If You Think It’s An Emergency, It Probably Is

Your permanent teeth are designed to work flawlessly and to remain firmly fixed in your mouth for your lifetime. But it’s a sad fact of life that bad things can happen to good teeth, and you may find yourself with a damaged tooth, with a tooth that has been knocked out of its socket, or in severe dental pain. In any of those situations, contact Dr. Craig Ellsworth at Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA to get you out of pain quickly and to address the problem effectively.

Tooth Damage

Tooth damage can be caused by an impact or, more often, by biting into or chewing something that’s too hard. Your dental enamel is the single hardest substance in the human body, but even your enamel has its limits.

Sometimes, a dental restoration such as a filling or a dental crown can fail. That’s not a small thing – any break in the tooth surface potentially opens the tooth to infection. To avoid the much more severe problems that can develop, call our Spokane Valley, WA office at once for a same-day appointment.

A Tooth Is Out Of Its Socket

Losing a tooth is a big deal. Not only does it make chewing more difficult, it can also cause you to chew more on the side with the most teeth. That can lead to premature wear of your tooth enamel and even to headaches due to muscle imbalances.

Replacing a tooth is an fairly expensive and time-consuming proposition, so you should make every effort to preserve your natural tooth. It’s often possible to reinsert the tooth into its socket where, with luck, it will take root again. Be care to handle the tooth by the crown – don’t touch the nerve – and rinse the tooth and your mouth with clear water.

If you’re successful in placing the tooth into its socket, leave it alone. It will take some time for it to re-root. If you’re unsuccessful, place the tooth into a glass of milk or saliva and call our office at 509-850-3217 . Dr. Ellsworth is often able to get a tooth back in place even when you’ve not been able to.

Severe Dental Pain

Put simply, teeth aren’t supposed to hurt. Dental pain is usually due to infection that has spread inside the tooth. That infection isn’t going to get better on its own, and if left untreated the infection can damage the root and the surrounding bone. If that happens, the tooth will fall out on its own.

Again, don’t wait. Lost time can equal lost teeth in a dental emergency. Call Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA at once at 509-850-3217 . Dr. Ellsworth will relieve your pain immediately and assess what needs to be done for you to keep your tooth.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Teeth

It’s always better to keep your natural teeth rather than have to pay for them to replaced. In any dental emergency, call Dr. Craig Ellsworth at Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA at once at 509-850-3217 . We’ll make every effort to see you the same day and help you keep your natural teeth.

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