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Oh, the glittering gowns. The sleek tuxedos. The hair done just so, the extravagant jewelry, the iconic red carpet. And those perfectly straight and flawless pearly whites.
If you watched the Academy Awards earlier this month, perhaps you, like us, noticed that most movie stars seem to be blessed with amazing smiles.
Here’s the thing: you don’t need to be famous to have celebrity-worthy grin. At Family Dental of Spokane Valley, we offer a full menu of cosmetic services to lighten, brighten, remove blemishes, and straighten crooked teeth.
And while a gorgeous smile may be de rigueur in Hollywood, it offers enormous benefits for us regular folks, too. It will lift your confidence, improve your social life, and give you the boost you need to go after that next promotion.
As other people see it, your smile reflects what’s going on inside. So you want one that’s natural and self-assured. And we can help you get it.
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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are the embodiment of the Hollywood smile. In fact, they have their roots right in Tinseltown. Back in the early days of movies, many stars (like the population in general) possessed severely decayed, crooked, and blemished teeth. The modern restorative and cosmetic techniques we take for granted just did not exist.
Charles Pincus, a Los Angeles dentist, created the first veneers around 1930 to make actors’ teeth appear perfect on screen. Even little Shirley Temple wore them. (Have you noticed she never has teeth missing in her movies?) These first veneers were temporary. It wasn’t until the 1980s that technological advancements made them practical on a larger scale.
At our Spokane Valley dental office, we offer gorgeous, totally natural-looking porcelain veneers. These exceedingly thin shells cover the front of the teeth and hide stains, chips, cracks, gaps, slight crookedness, and other blemishes.
The process generally takes two office visits. At the first appointment, we will remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth and make impressions. Your veneers will be custom made at a dental lab to match your smile perfectly in color and shape. Once bonded, your veneers will last years — even decades — with proper care.

Teeth Whitening

We have an easy way to make you look younger and your smile more vibrant. Our teeth whitening system combines the convenience of a home treatment with professional monitoring and oversight.
If you’ve tried drugstore whitening kits, you may have found they just don’t work that well. There are a couple of reasons for this. They are much weaker, containing much less active whitening agent than our product. Plus the trays are inferior: non custom, less comfortable, prone to leakage.
If you want a whitening treatment that’s actually effective, come to Spokane Valley Family Dental. The Opalescence process is convenient and easy.

  • Dr. Ellsworth will create custom whitening trays made from impressions of your mouth, so they fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear.
  • He will help you choose the formulation that fits your needs: a weaker solution for nighttime whitening, a stronger one for daytime treatments.
  • You will go home and whiten your teeth at your convenience, stopping when you are satisfied with the results.

The Opalescence gel is powerful, but designed to maintain the health and integrity of your tooth enamel. If your treatment needs adjusting, Dr. Ellsworth will be able to help.

Teeth Contouring & Crown Lengthening

If your teeth need just a subtle change, teeth contouring may be a good fit for you. This procedure is painless — affecting just the enamel, or the outer layer of the tooth — quick, and affordable. It involves meticulously removing small amounts of enamel to alter the shape of the tooth or erase minor flaws. The technique is good for teeth that are irregularly shaped, slightly overlapped, too pointy, or that have small chips or other blemishes.
The process is simple, generally requiring just one dental visit. We will take digital X-rays beforehand to assess the health of your pearly whites and so we know where your enamel ends and inner tooth structure begins.
Crown lengthening is a procedure in which we use a laser to gently remove gum tissue to lengthen the exposed part of your teeth. It may be done for cosmetic purposes or to prepare a tooth to receive a restoration.

Gum Reshaping

Teeth aren’t the only part of your smile we can alter. If you don’t like the appearance of your gums — maybe you think they are too prominent, or your gumline looks uneven — we can use minimally invasive laser gum reshaping treatment to remove tissue and give you a perfectly balanced smile. Our cutting-edge dental laser cauterizes as we work, so there is little bleeding and discomfort, reduced chance of infection, and you will recover much more quickly than with conventional gum surgery.

Tooth Bonding

If you have stains, cracks, chips, gaps between your teeth, and other imperfections but don’t want to commit to dental veneers, tooth bonding is an excellent alternative. In this procedure, we take a composite resin material that’s perfectly matched to your enamel color and mold it onto the tooth. After it’s precisely sculpted, we harden it with a special light, trim and make adjustments, and finally polish it so that it gleams and reflects light just like natural enamel. The procedure is fast and non invasive, usually completed in one visit with no anesthesia required.


At Spokane Valley Family Dental, we offer several orthodontic services so you or your teenager don’t have to run around town to a separate orthodontic office. You can get your general dentistry services and braces, all under one roof. We have:

  • Conventional metal braces
  • Invisalign
  • ClearCorrect
  • Six Month Smiles

Dr. Ellsworth will be happy to discuss with you the pros and cons of each and which option is most appropriate for your situation.
If you’re ready to ditch your uninspired smile for one worthy of a movie star, contact Family Dental of Spokane Valley today for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. You may request an appointment via our web form or call our Spokane Valley, WA office at 509-850-3217.

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