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If you hate the thought of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. By some estimates, tens of millions of people in the United States have some level of dental anxiety or dental fear. Those emotions can run the gamut from slight uneasiness to outright terror. Fortunately, Dr. Craig Ellsworth of Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA has the solution for dental anxiety.

It Starts With Our People

At Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA, we understand dental anxiety. We understand that some people are nervous due to previous experiences with another dentist. We understand that there are aspects of dental visits that are uncomfortable or potentially embarrassing. We understand, and don’t judge. We help.
Dr. Craig Ellsworth sets the tone for our practice, and you’ll be impressed by his calm and reassuring manner. He’s happy to explain every step in your treatment and answer any questions. That’s enough to calm most people with mild to moderate dental anxiety, but we realize that some people need a little more help.

Oral Sedation Is Your Friend

The idea of general anesthesia is an uncomfortable one for many people. At Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA, we offer conscious dental sedation in the form a pill that causes you to become very relaxed. You may fall asleep – many of our patients do opt for conscious dental sedation do – but it will be easy to rouse you.
That state of relaxation and sleepiness will allow you have the dental care you need without the stress you may have experienced before. Since the effects of the pill can linger well after your appointment is over, make sure you have someone to drive you home.

Our Advanced Technology Speeds Your Care

One of the factors that can impact dental anxiety is feeling out of control. We make you a partner in your own dental care. Knowledge is power, as they say, and the technology we use allows us to show you in detail what we’re finding in your mouth.
Intraoral Camera
You may not have a lot of interest in looking at the inside of your mouth, but with our intraoral camera you can everything that Dr. Ellsworth sees. When he describes a problem, you’ll be able to see it with your own eyes.
Digital X-rays
Unlike the old style of dental X-rays, digital X-rays are faster and more detailed. Dr. Ellsworth can show you almost immediately what he’s seeing and explain things precisely while you watch. As an added bonus, digital X-rays use far less radiation than traditional X-rays.

Get The Dental Care You Need Without Concern

We invite you to discover just how relaxed a dental appointment can be at Family Dental of Spokane Valley, WA. All of us will do everything possible to put you at ease before, during, and after your appointment.
Schedule an appointment with our Spokane Valley, WA office by calling 509-850-3217. You can also use our convenient online form to send us a message or request an appointment.   

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