How a Root Canal Stops Pain & Saves Your Tooth

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Root canal procedures don’t deserve the bad reputation that still follows them.
Root canals were first introduced in 1838. Understandably, they were painful to undergo and weren’t always successful. In the late 19th century, Dr. Weston Price, a dentist, wrote a paper – now completely debunked – claiming that root canals actually introduced bacteria into the body and caused a wide range of illnesses.
Today’s modern root canal procedures are painless, thorough, and safe. They enjoy a very high success rate, particularly when the patient maintains good oral hygiene and has regular dental cleanings and examinations.

You Might Need A Root Canal If…

  • You have dental pain that starts suddenly and rapidly becomes severe.
  • A tooth has discolored or darkened.
  • You experience swelling in your face and neck
  • You experience bone loss around the root of your tooth
  • A hole in your tooth is allowing infection to spread

The Benefits Of A Root Canal

Root canals are performed for several reasons: to alleviate pain, to clear dental infection, and to preserve the tooth.
One of the great things about root canals is instant pain relief. During a root canal, Spokane Valley dentist Dr. Craig Ellsworth will remove the contents of the tooth – the pulp which contains tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. Once the nerve is removed, the pain is gone forever.
Root canals also allow the dental infection to be treated exactly at the point of infection. During the procedure, Dr. Ellsworth will introduce medication to ensure that the infection is completely eradicated and cannot spread.
Most importantly, you get to keep your tooth! Retaining your own tooth is always preferable to the time and expense involved with having a replacement tooth – a dental bridge or dental implant – created and placed.

The Root Canal Procedure At Family Dental Of Spokane Valley

Dr. Craig Ellsworth is highly experienced in performing root canals. If you need a root canal, here’s what you can expect.

  • X-rays are taken to determine the extent of the damage.
  • Dr. Ellsworth administers local anesthesia to completely numb the area surrounding the tooth.
  • He places a piece of rubber around your tooth to keep the area dry
  • Dr. Ellsworth makes a tiny hole in the tooth, through which all the damaged material is removed
  • The inside of the tooth is thoroughly disinfected
  • Your tooth is filled with a material called gutta-percha
  • Finally, he places a filling to seal your tooth; or, depending on the extent of the damage, he may also place a dental crown to help support and protect your tooth

Don’t Try To Tough Out Severe Dental Pain

Teeth aren’t supposed to darken or hurt like crazy. Your face and neck shouldn’t swell. All of these things are signs of a serious problem that simply is not going to get better on its own. The longer you wait, the greater the risk that you’ll lose the tooth.
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