Want to Defeat Dental Anxiety? Here Is How.

Do you have dental anxiety? Or maybe someone close to you does? It’s not a surprise, given how dentists are portrayed in popular culture. Real dentists are nice people – really – but you’d never know it from movies like “Marathon Man.” If you’ve seen the 1976 film, you probably cringe when thinking of the scene where a Nazi dentist played by Laurence Olivier tortures Dustin Hoffman ...

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4 Oral Hygiene Habits to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

At Family Dental of Spokane Valley, we are always happy to welcome our patients! Dr. Craig Ellsworth performs a wide variety of procedures, from teeth contouring to root canals. We pride ourselves on solving the majority of your family’s dental needs without referring you to outside doctors. Still, we realize you and your family may be less excited about seeing us than we are about seeing you. ...

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Family Dental of Spokane Valley Blog

Welcome to the Family Dental of Spokane Valley blog. Here we will provide useful articles that will help you take good care of your family’s teeth. We’ll even have quizzes and infographics you can share with your kids to make learning about dental health as entertaining as possible! To kick off our blog, we’ve highlighted some of the features we think sets our Spokane Valley, WA dentist ...

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