Whiten Your Smile for Summer

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Summertime is social time for most people. Whether it’s weddings, cookouts, informal gatherings on the patio, Fourth of July celebrations, or vacations, people interact more with others. Having a gleaming white smile that you’ll be proud to show will help those social times be more enjoyable.

Why Teeth Discolor

There are two types of sources of tooth discoloration – extrinsic (outer) and intrinsic (inner). The difference is whether the discoloration occurs on the surface of the enamel or beneath it.
Extrinsic causes of tooth discoloration include drinking beverages such as colored sodas, coffee, and tea. All of those can stain your enamel as can red sauces. Cigarette smoking can also cause your enamel to yellow. All of these stains can be prevented to some extent by brushing regularly with a whitening toothpaste. However, over time, stains can begin to accumulate. This is particularly true if you have tiny cracks in your enamel that can trap stains and make them hard to remove.
Finally, some medications, such as using tetracycline medications as a child, can cause tooth discoloration.
Intrinsic causes include yellowing or darkening of the dentin layer underneath your enamel. If the enamel is too thin, which happens naturally as we age and for a variety of other reasons, the darker underlayer will show through.

Drugstore Whitening Products Aren’t The Answer

Over the counter teeth whitening programs have some advantages. They relatively inexpensive, they don’t require time spent at the dentist’s office, and you can use them over and over again.
The disadvantages of drugstore whitening agents outweigh the advantages for most people.
The first disadvantage is that they have no effect whatsoever on the darkened or yellowed dentin layer. No matter how much you bleach your teeth, they’ll still appear discolored.
Drugstore products aren’t tailored for the unique needs of each person. A 30-minute whitening session at home might be fine for some people’s teeth but do damage to other people’s enamel. You only have one set of teeth. It’s better not to use them for experiments that may backfire.
Finally, over the counter whitening programs can’t safely achieve the same results as professional whitening treatments. That’s why it makes sense to trust your smile to Dr. Craig Ellsworth at Family Dental of Spokane Valley in Spokane Valley, WA.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. Ellsworth provides a trusted product – Opalescence teeth whitening treatments – for you to use at home. There are several formulations available and Dr. Ellsworth will select the one that is best for you. He’ll also provide you with custom-fit whitening trays that fit better and deliver more consistent results than drugstore trays that come in a kit. Opalescence will not harm your enamel, so you needn’t worry about whether you’re over-whitening.

For A Beautifully White Smile, Trust Family Dental of Spokane Valley

Don’t waste time and money on drugstore whitening kits that don’t deliver the results you want. For a smile that you’ll be proud to share, make an appointment with Family Dental of Spokane Valley by calling our office at 509-565-8854.

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