Bright Smiles Come Back With Teeth Whitening In Spokane Valley, WA

You should feel good about sharing your smile with the people you love. That may be hard to do if your teeth are stained or yellow. Thankfully, you can change that with our convenient teeth whitening in Spokane Valley, WA.

This service can do many things:

  • Restore the brightness of your smile
  • Boost your confidence
  • Help you look younger

Professional whitening is easier and more effective than the stuff you’ll find in the toothpaste aisle. To learn more, schedule an appointment at Family Dental of Spokane Valley by calling 509-850-3217.

See The Difference In Your Smile

Whitening is simple. You can transform your smile without changing your routine. You can work on your smile while you take a bath, go for a run, watch television, or are sleeping.

We offer Opalescence, one of the most trusted professional whitening products available. It’s a proven system that can produce a dramatically different smile in a short time. Opalescence has a range of products. We can help you find the one that works best for your goals and your schedule.

Dr. Craig Ellsworth will make custom-molded whitening trays for your teeth. This keeps the whitening gel where it should be, so it can lift more stains from your teeth. He also can help you find the right formulation whether you plan to wear your trays during the day or overnight.

Plus, whitening can be used on its own or in combination with other cosmetic services.

Get the Results You Want

You’ve likely seen whitening products in stores. These can work to a degree. However, commercial whitening products are not as powerful as professional ones. If you really want to remove the stains from years of coffee, tea, tobacco, pasta, or countless other things, then you need to talk to a dentist like our own Dr. Ellsworth.

If you are ready to make that change, contact us about teeth whitening in Spokane Valley, WA. Call 509-850-3217 to set up your appointment at Family Dental of Spokane Valley.

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