Dentures In Spokane Valley, WA Give You A Reason To Smile

You’ve lost your teeth, and you want to replace them. That’s what dentures are for. You can get a custom-fitting set at our Spokane Valley, WA dentist office.

These teeth replacements:

  • Restore your confident smile
  • Allow you to eat and drink more easily
  • Can help you speak naturally
  • Are easy to clean
  • Can be attached to dental implants for a firm hold

On their own or as part of full-mouth reconstruction, you deserve to find out what dentures can do for you. Call 509-850-3217 today for an appointment at Family Dental of Spokane, WA.

Do More With Modern Teeth Replacements

When you think of traditional dentures, do you think of a set of teeth in a glass of water? That may have been the best your grandparents could hope for, but you can get something so much better. You can get implant-secured dentures.

Dental implants replace the roots of your missing teeth. This provides a stable, secure foundation to support your dentures. They give you more power in your bite, and you won’t need adhesives to hold your teeth in place.

You have an option of either:

  • Implant-Supported Dentures – With this option, your denture is attached to a bar that connects to your implant. These can be removable or remain fixed in place.
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – Instead of a bar, your denture is connected to your implants with ball attachments. This holds them securely in place, but it also allows you to remove them for easy cleaning.

Get Back What You’re Missing

Tooth loss can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can lead to bone loss in your jaw. This can alter your appearance. It also may cause you to feel embarrassed about smiling. Thankfully, you can do something about it.

You can call Family Dental of Spokane Valley at 509-850-3217. Make an appointment to learn how dentures in Spokane Valley, WA can do more than just restore your smile.

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