Get Big Smiles With Mini Dental Implants In Spokane Valley, WA

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing. Unfortunately, some patients can’t get standard implants. However, mini dental implants at our Spokane Valley, WA dentist office may be a great alternative.

Mini implants can provide the same benefits as standard implants:

  • Secure your replacement teeth
  • Restore your natural smile
  • Eat anything you want to eat
  • And more!

Losing teeth is difficult for multiple reasons. Mini implants could help you get back what you are missing. Call 509-850-3217 for an appointment with Dr. Craig Ellsworth at Family Dental of Spokane Valley.

Going Small Has Advantages, Too

Bone loss in your jaw is common after losing teeth. As a result, many people lack the bone tissue to support standard implants. This is when mini implants can be a better option.

Just like standard implants, these smaller versions can support dental crowns and bridges as well as dentures. Mini implants will keep your replacement teeth secure in your mouth. They also can stop continued bone loss in the future. Since these implants are smaller, the process is less invasive. Your recovery time is shorter as well. In other words, you can start enjoying the benefits of your implant-supported teeth earlier by going small.

In fact, some people can get their replacement teeth on the same day they get their mini implants. Dr. Ellsworth can help you find out if this is possible for you.

Save Money & Your Smile

Before mini implants, someone who lost a lot of bone in their jaw needed a bone graft prior to getting full-sized implants. This is a kind of transplant of bone tissue to strengthen your jaw. This procedure requires time to complete, time to recover, and additional expense as well.

With mini implants, most patients can skip the bone graft entirely. This is just another reason a mini dental implant procedure could help you enjoy your new smile faster.

You can rebuild your smile. Mini dental implants in Spokane Valley, WA could help. To find out, call 509-850-3217 for a consultation at Family Dental of Spokane Valley.

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