Save Your Smile With Tooth Removal In Spokane Valley, WA

In most cases, we can repair a damaged tooth with restorative dentistry. However, there may be times when removing a tooth is the best option to save your smile. When the unavoidable happens, Family Dental of Spokane Valley can help you and your family avoid the stress that sometimes comes with a tooth removal by:

  • Maintaining enough space in your mouth to keep your teeth healthy
  • Relieving the source of your tooth pain
  • Removing a potentially serious oral infection
  • Restoring function so you can eat comfortably
  • Allowing for dental implants or dentures to preserve your smile

If your tooth can’t be saved, rely on our Spokane Valley, WA team for your tooth extraction procedure. Call us at 509-850-3217 for a stress-free appointment.

Removing A Tooth Can Keep Your Other Teeth Healthy

It may sound like a contradiction, but we can actually keep your other teeth healthy by removing a tooth that’s giving you problems. If a cavity is too large for a standard filling or crown, or a tooth has been too weakened by damage or decay, an extraction can keep that tooth from causing more serious problems for your oral and overall health down the road.

It’s also sometimes necessary to extract teeth to relieve pain or to make orthodontic treatment easier. That’s because wisdom teeth can erupt in the wrong position or you may not have enough room to accommodate them without complications. An extraction can prevent overcrowding and help simplify the process of straightening your teeth using Invisalign, ClearCorrect, or Six Month Smiles.

Experience The Comfort Of Dental Sedation

Local anesthetic is often all it takes to perform an easy, comfortable tooth extraction procedure. But if you’re someone who needs more help feeling relaxed, you can rely on dental sedation to put you at ease.

With this method of sedation, you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful without fear or anxiety about your treatment. With Dr. Ellsworth’s experience and skill, and our compassionate dental team, we’ll make sure you feel as comfortable as possible during your appointment, from start to finish!

If you’d like to learn more about how we can make you feel at ease during tooth removal, call our Spokane Valley, WA dentist office at 509-850-3217 to request an appointment.

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