Rebuild Your Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges In Spokane Valley, WA

Dental crowns and bridges have been used for centuries to repair smiles. In Spokane Valley, WA, we’ve used these restorative dentistry services to:

  • Help you eat the foods you love again
  • Revive your smile
  • Speak naturally again
  • Bring back your confidence in your smile

With proper care, your crown or bridge can last for decades. To get one, call 509-850-3217 to make an appointment at Family Dental of Spokane Valley soon.

Protect Your Smile With A New Crown

Crowns could be considered the Swiss Army restorative treatment. At our office, you have the option of Lava and Obsidian crowns. These brands are known for their durability and natural appearance.

In other words, you can have a natural-looking tooth that lasts a long time. Crowns can fix all these problems:

  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Teeth weakened by decay
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Missing teeth (when used with dental implants)
  • Infected teeth (after a root canal)
  • Worn-down teeth

Getting your crown starts with X-rays to diagnose the issues. After you receive local anesthetic and dental sedation (if desired), Dr. Craig Ellsworth will file down the tooth so it will be able to support your crown. An impression will be sent to a lab, which will design your high-quality crown. In the meantime, Dr. Ellsworth will attach a temporary crown until your final crown is ready.

Bridge The Gaps

Losing a tooth or teeth can increase your risk of more problems. Leaving a gap in your smile makes it more likely that you will lose additional teeth. It also leads to changes in your bite and your smile.

You can prevent those issues with replacement teeth. A bridge is made by fusing crowns together. This can be bonded to your healthy teeth. When in place, your bridge fills the empty space and restores the function of your lost teeth.

We’ve seen what dental crowns and bridges in Spokane Valley, WA can do. Find out firsthand how they could help you. Schedule a consultation at Family Dental of Spokane Valley. Call 509-850-3217.

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