Get Relief with Root Canals In Spokane Valley, WA

Root canals have earned a reputation they don’t deserve. Many people are anxious when they hear they need this treatment. The truth is it can be done without causing you any pain at our Spokane Valley, WA dentist office.

Root canal treatment actually offers a number of benefits:

  • Ending your toothache
  • Saving your tooth
  • Protecting you from additional problems

Dr. Craig Ellsworth and our team at Family Dental of Spokane Valley are ready to help. Call 509-850-3217 today so we can stop your suffering.

Feel Like Yourself Again With Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Craig Ellsworth has decades of experience performing root canal treatments. Knowing that can give you some assurance that you can get the end result you want and deserve — a tooth that looks and functions normally.

The first step is taking X-rays to know how bad the damage is. Next, you can receive a local anesthetic or dental sedation. This will keep you pain-free during the procedure. Sedation can be particularly useful if you have dental anxiety about getting a root canal.

A piece of rubber will be placed to keep your tooth dry. Dr. Ellsworth will create a small opening to remove infected tissue from the inside of your tooth. After disinfecting the tooth, he will fill it with gutta-percha, a natural latex made from tree sap.

The final step is sealing the tooth. This is often done by placing a dental crown on the tooth. This restores the appearance of your smile and allows you to bite and chew normally once again.

End the Toothache Pain

Having a toothache can disrupt your life in a variety of ways. The pain can make it difficult to eat. It can affect your concentration as well. It may even cause you to avoid spending time with family and friends.

Fixing your infected tooth is the best way to feel like yourself again. Root canals in Spokane Valley, WA can help you get there. To schedule an appointment at Family Dental of Spokane Valley, call 509-850-3217.

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